8th September 2017

REL-ID from Uniken is a game-changing security platform that delivers an amazing client experience. Never worry about credential compromise, harvesting, phishing, DNS, or SSL attacks ever again.


  • Military-grade security, total compliance, and frictionless customer experience
  • Omni-channel: mobile, web, call c


18th August 2017

Not surprising that DDOS attacks keep evolving rendering our current techniques used to suppress them inoperative.

We need to move from from detective controls such as "dropping traffic after the attack is identified" to preventative controls such as "transmitting only pre-authorized, white listed, traffic".


13th July 2017

Uniken Launches REL-IDverify 2.0 at InVest Summit in New York on Tuesday, July 11th.

Robert Levine, COO of Uniken, demonstrated the newest version of REL-IDverify on the main stage for all attendees. REL-IDverify 2.0 ensures that customers' digital channels have controls required to survive zero-day attacks while maintaining a great customer and brand experience. REL-ID's omni-channel security technology protects against credential compromise, network attacks and device malware, satisfying the user experience, security and compliance needs in a mobile-first world.


13th July 2017

DDOS impact to Digital Channels remain out of control!

When teenagers are able to run successful enterprises offering DDOS attack services for hire, it’s clear the cost Vs. benefit gained are way too low. To stop DDOS we must figure out a way to make the cost of perpetrating beyond the benefit gained. The current approach of combining extreme bandwidth with protocol break, volumetric and heuristics (examples: machine learning & shared intelligence) checks are not sufficient to break the cycle. Volumes and rates of attacks keep growing and the costs to attack remain low and in some cases have been lowered by dark net tools.



6th June 2017

You can post all of your usernames and passwords to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and still be safe with REL-ID. Uniken Inc

Silicon Review: Silicon100 2017        June 6, 2017

‘REL- ID: a solution for all platforms.’

Founded in 2013, Uniken is a US-based corporation headquartered in New Jersey, with a subsidiary in India. Future subsidiaries will be coming online in Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK. Uniken is currently one of the largest Mobile Payment Security Solutions in South Asia that protects over 10million customer devices across 28 Financial Services and Banking Institutions. These firms use Uniken’s technology to protect their digital transactions ranging from consumer banking, business banking, stock exchange settlement and central bank communication.


1st June 2017

The Silicon Review: 10 Fastest Growing Security Companies of 2017

Making Connecting Safe with Relationship-Based Security: Uniken Inc


It is a known fact that data security breaches around the globe and across industries are on the rise. A majority of business executives, along with their chief security officers and compliance personnel, expect the risks to corporate data, personal data and transactions to rise as the push to transact more of the business over digital channels. Digital networks are one of the weakest links in data security. Uniken was founded to provide a way for corporations to address this issue. Established in 2013, the company provides solutions for the digital networks that connect and authenticate the enterprise to partners, customers and employees – and to protect businesses from costly security breaches.


24th May 2017

Uniken's CEO, BImal Gandhi, speaks at the Cyber Investing Summit.

 The conference was held on May 23rd at the New York Stock Exchange.  The event focused on investing in the cyber security industry, which is predicted to exceed $1 trillion in cumulative spending on products and services over the next five years (according to Cybersecurity Ventures’s quarterly Cybersecurity Market Report).

Bimal presented Uniken’s REL-ID omi-channel solution to an audience of leading cyber professionals, technology analysts, venture capitalists, fund managers, investment advisors, government experts, and more.


19th May 2017

By Penny Crosman

Published May 18 2017, 3:19pm EDT

Wells Fargo is putting more focus and effort into its partnerships with tech companies — from giants like Apple, Samsung and PayPal to the smallest startups.  


In so doing, the $2 trillion-asset bank is adapting to a truth more banks are acknowledging: that customers are no longer coming directly to their branches, apps, websites or call centers.


18th May 2017

Mark Calvey, Senior Reporter, San Francisco Business Times
May 17, 2017
A shakeout already could be underway in the burgeoning fintech sector, forcing some to close their doors while others look for partners, said Steve Ellis, head of Wells Fargo’s innovation group.
“We’re seeing some people without strong sales going away and other people partnering more,” Ellis told the San Francisco Business Times in discussing fintech industry conditions as part of an interview on new entrepreneurs joining the Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator program.


18th May 2017

Uniken has been selected to participate in the Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator. Over the next six months, the US bank’s programme will collaborate with Uniken on its REL-ID security platform aimed at consumer mobile applications deployed in strongly regulated environments.

“We are excited to have been selected for the programme by the Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator, and for their time and financial investment in Uniken,” says Bimal Gandhi, CEO at Uniken. 


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