2nd March 2017

Momentum Partners Releases Its 2nd Annual Watch List After The 2017 RSA Conference


Uniken's entry into the Asian and US markets is not going unnoticed. Thrilled to make it on the Momentum Partners Watch List as one of the "Private Companies with Tremendous Momentum"!   

Download the full report here Momentums Watchlist


27th February 2017

Content Delivery Networks and DDOS protection services that require TLS traffic be terminated within their cloud are creating new problem: CLIENT DATA EXPOSURE.

To be fair, CDN's terminate the TLS sessions so that they can do TCP and TLS protocol break, content inspection and traffic analysis. These networks also add TLS to TCP sessions as well. But, unfortunately both these types of services breaks three core features of TLS end-to-end protections: data privacy, data integrity and how its most often used server side authentication. The only solution is for apps to implement their own end-to-end, at the process level, protocol that can put these key protections back in place.


1st February 2017

NEW YORK, NY AND CHATHAM, NJ – Better Mobile (“Better Mobile"), the industry leader in mobile defense, and Uniken (“Uniken”), a leading global cyber security firm, today announced a partnership that will immediately provide the industry’s most comprehensive security solution for customer facing mobile applications.


31st January 2017

Your consumer app is not safe!

Why? Because our internet infrastructure is fraying at the edges. What was safe in the 2000s and early 2010s just isn’t working anymore. Consumers have gone mobile with increasingly powerful devices, and companies can now utilize fingerprint readers built right into the consumer’s phone. While these enhancements add significant security, they also consolidate risk. A successful hack to the Android fingerprint reader or TrustZone and 100s of billions of dollars are at risk.  Moreover, breaking a high value corporate app leads to financial fraud and the loss of sensitive personal information. Hackers won’t just steal your money… they’ll steal your identity.


15th December 2016

By David Penn

Take the “money transfer without money movement” sensibility of the hawala system on one hand. Take improvements on the Diffie-Helman key exchange on the other. Combine the two and the result is the “mutual and simultaneous” authentication system developed by Uniken and demonstrated at FinovateFall this September.


25th October 2016

Over the last few years, a worryingly number of attacks against SSL/TLS and other secure channels have been discovered. Fortunately, at least from a defenders perspective, these attacks require an adversary capable of observing or manipulating network traffic. This prevented a wide and easy exploitation of these vulnerabilities. In contrast, we introduce HEIST, a set of techniques that allows us to carry out attacks against SSL/TLS purely in the browser. More generally, and surprisingly, with HEIST it becomes possible to exploit certain flaws in network protocols without having to sniff actual traffic.



Security researchers at the Dutch University of Leuven demonstrated a new cyber attack technique that has experts stumped.  What makes this technique so scary is that it identifies a vulnerability at the core protocol level of all of today ’s secure online traffic.  What’s worse is that there are no patches, no fixes, no short term solutions.  This hack is here to stay.


CHATHAM, NJ, October 17, 2016 — Uniken, Inc today announced it has joined the FIDO (“Fast Identity Online”) Alliance, a cross-industry coalition developing open, interoperable authentication standards that reduce reliance on passwords with authentication that is more secure, private and easier to use.



With daily headlines announcing new cyberthreats from phishing, spoofing, social engineering, and the like, it should come as no surprise that one of the oldest technologies out there, SMS or “text-messaging,” is finally coming under attack by regulators. 


Cybersecurity software firm to announce transaction level biometric enhancements to its groundbreaking REL-ID technology.

CHATHAM, NJ – October 19, 2016 – Uniken is a cybersecurity firm that makes connecting safe, simple, scalable with its core offering, REL-ID.  REL-ID is a unique family of solutions built on its patented security protocol that binds identity and channel to ensure that user, application, and device posture and identity are verified before access to applications is granted.  Uniken is demonstrating its solutions at the 2016 Money 20/20 conference being held October 23, at The Venetian in Las Vegas.


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